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Barry Peterson

Studio 300A Art

480 Gate 5 Road
Sausalito, CA 94965

415 332 1300




Barry has attended a long list of universities in the Midwest and on the West Coast, where he studied Art of various media along with Physics, Botany, Marine Biology and Architecture.  His Art education included a study of painting and conceptual art at San Francisco State, and figure drawing at the Academy of Art College and with Michael Markowitz in San Francisco.  Barry continued  his studies with etching intensives annually at Crown Point Press in San Francisco.  Despite all this, he pretty much considers himself a self-taught artist, as he claim most of his learning has occurred in his own practice.

Studio 300A is located in the ICB Art Center in Sausalito, California. The Industrial Center Building is an old WWII-era liberty ship fabrication structure in the Marinship District of Sausalito.  Studio 300A is an architecture, printmaking and painting studio shared
by artist and architect Barry Peterson, and his wife, painter Leslie Allen.




Some Words about These Works

“It is hard to describe the thing that binds together the work of an artist, architect and printmaker, but here is a very brief and perhaps failed attempt;

A certain kind of architect may choose to focus not so much on the surface materials and shape of walls, floor and roof, but on the voids, the spaces and light that are captured between them all.  A certain kind of artist may tend to focus on motion, gesture, the energy of form and not the surface or contour of it. And finally, a certain kind of printmaker may choose the atmosphere which surrounds objects, say, in a still-life image, to be the silent focus of the work, rather than compelling objects that take the stage.  It might be overly tidy to suggest that these three approaches are all just various applications of one central idea or intent, so I won’t.  I can only say that they have all become mine—for whatever the reason.“



Studio 300 A [Art]

Barry Peterson Artist, Printmaker.

"I believe that nothing can be more abstract, more unreal, than what we actually see. We know that all we can see of the objective world, as human beings, never really exists as we see and understand it. Matter exists, of course, but has no intrinsic meaning of its own, such as the meanings that we attach to it. We can know only that a cup is a cup, that a tree is a tree."

~Giorgio Morandi




carneros ii.jpg

carneros ii





giving time a brief moment-4.jpg

giving time a brief moment

legal proceedings-7.jpg

legal proceedings

only happens while alone-5.jpg

only happens while alone

this fortune.jpg

this fortune

walking with words-8.jpg

walking with words

These are primarily multi-plate sugar-lift and spit bite aquatints with chine colle.  Most all of these were etched and printed at Studio 300A with the largest being 48"x48" and some requiring as many as 5 plates to produce.

Editions are either 8 or 10 typically.  Please call or write if you wish to know more....



december one-1.jpg

december one

december three-3.jpg

december three

december two-2.jpg

december two

our idea-4.jpg

our idea



so perfect-6.jpg

so perfect

These photogravures are multi-plate images combining a photogravure plate and standard aquatints, spit bites or soap ground etchings on chine colle.

The photogravure plates were etched at Crown Point Press in San Francisco.  The images were shot from a friend's Bellanca Viking while travelling cross-country.



These are small (perhaps 6"x 6" or so) ink, wine and graphite drawings drawn by candlelight at Osteria Divino in Sausalito, which is a favorite haunt. The still lives that occur are fleeting and the poses of teh musicians even more so, and the light very faint.

By now we have amassed thousands of these drawings as they are a favorite way to unwind at the end of a day.  Often collage elements are added with fragments of rejected etchings.



We have spent years drawing from the figure and we often host life drawing groups at Studio 300A.  Some of these drawings are made on the backs of architectural vellums and then run through the blueprint machine for developing.

We have also occasionally mixed in xerox toner and beeswax for some interesting atmosphere.


Giving Time a Brief Moments Rest

This is a 6-page book of photogravures and text.  The images were shot by Barry and Leslie on travel through Northern California, and the photogravure plates were etched at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. The text, which is an interesting moment taken from the Infancy Gospel of St James, was written around 300 AD.  The text is printed on Japanese rice paper and the backs of the photogravure plates were inked and printed with chine colle (Japanese Gampi paper) on top.  The images and text are bound by thread to steel or aluminum mesh pages. The book stands on end or stacks horizontally while keeping the prints protected.


We have been experimenting with ways to present etchings that do not require viewing  through glass.  So much of the beauty of etchings is tactile in nature, as the inks are layered and embedded into rag paper by the etching press. Once put behind glass, the tactile quality of copper plate etchings become harder to perceive. This is just one possible solution here.  More to come...




Photography text

Aerial photography around Northern CA using a Cannon DSLR and a Cessna 177 Cardinal.  We fly out of Sonoma Valley Schellville airfield 0Q3.


Drawings, Etchings, Photogravures and Artist Books.